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“Next time you think of Beautyful things, don’t forget to count yourself in”

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vollere en dikkere wimpers
vollere en dikkere wimpers
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Who we are

There are tons of cosmetic products out there that make some long-term claims. We’re not that into that. We want immediate results. That is also what we are concerned with. We promise nothing, our products do their job immediately and are therefore immediately visible. We only have products that make you happy. our facelift serum is excellent, a drop of facelift serum already works wonders in a few minutes, you can apply our facelift serum and it works all day long  . The facelift serum is available in two sizes 5ml and 15ml. do you have dry skin? then use the facelift serum in combination with a water-based day cream. facelift serum in combination with an oil-based cream can influence the effect of the facelift serum.

“if you’re beautyful inside, you’ll see it on the outside”

 Just that… our products instantly make you feel good, without a doubt!


We use ony the best ingredients, not tested on animals


We believe in our products . if your product is not good or the pump is defective, you will simply receive a new one from us. all our products have a warranty


All our products are tested by professionals

facelift serum

A unique composition since 2008 that helps you to look beautiful, sleek and fresh again. with just one drop of our serum you will have enough to look 10 years younger again. crow’s feet, bags and wrinkles disappear like snow in the sun. Our serum is not only for around your eyes, but can be used on your entire face, neck and décolotea. We promise you there is no better one out there!

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3D Super Mascara

Do you also want beautiful longer and fuller lashes? With our 3D mascara set you can create your own extensions. Our 3D mascara is not only completely natural but also waterproof.
The set contains mascara with unique and completely natural ingredients, the fibers are made from green tea leaves.

When removing you do not damage your own eyelashes.

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Eyebrow powder

Natural looking eyebrows with our eyebrow powder. This unique eyebrow powder is made of natural ingredients. The soft application provides a natural look without streaks. The eyebrow powder is available in three colors and is waterproof.

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What we do

We are working with laboratories for years. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, of course, but we do make the best, use high-quality ingredients, and work only with natural ingredients. All our products are tested by our own professionals. With the tips we get from them we make an excellent high end product.

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Before & After

Watch the YouTube video and see the differences.

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